China may be on the boundary of developing “Super Stealth Fighters” (claiming major breakthrough by discovering new Metamaterial which can fool radar systems…)

To withstand against the combat abilities of Lockheed’s F-35, China & Russia are on verge of developing something more capable flying machine.

With the help of metamaterials research and application, technicians are trying to implement Negative Refractive Index properties of materials which can deflect & fool all the radar systems in operation today.

Metamaterials are composites made from multiple elements such as plastic and metals, at repeating atomic arrangement smaller than the wavelengths of striking phenomena.

Its applications can bend or manipulate or deflect or absorb or block the striking waves which results in better sneaking ability of fighter jet to remain invisible to radar systems.

Not all the body but a thin to medium layer coating with metamaterials can increase its ability of fooling advanced radar systems operational in any countries.

All ongoing stealth fighters geometry is in a risky shape that is in contrast with the rules of aerodynamics.

One Government research agency in China has paved the way to skeptics because of the huge fund spent on the raw-material buying which rumoured to be a metamaterials purchase.

Few months ago Japan had lost F-35 fighter in pacific due to which US was in trouble if China & Russia found it first. The future of US dominance in Airpower was in deep threat If it wasn’t found. Skeptics said China & Russia immediately started hunting operations for getting drowned F-35 at any price.

Almost any price is worth for Russia & China to know the secrets of this most expensive weapon system in the world.

But the sources has confirmed of the pieces of this stealth fighter has found on the ocean surface on the hunting operation of Japans Navy.

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